Are you new to our page? Do you know what NWI BLT is actually all about?

Simply put, the Big Lottery Fund has provided 150 specially selected areas in the country to have some funding and to be totally responsible for how it is spent. All 150 called Big Local Trust. Ours covers Whitton, Whitehouse and Castle Hill: NW Ipswich.
Hence our full name became NW Ipswich Big Local Trust or NWI BLT for short.
How does it work?
There is a panel of local residents who make all the decisions on the things to focus on, based on what the wider community tells us. We have loads of ways for residents to talk to us: We have Facebook and Twitter pages, we created a website, we hold public consultations at local events or at the main shopping areas, we put up posters and have a large display at Castle Hill Community Centre and when we can, we chat to people at Al’s cafe in Meredith Rd on Monday mornings.
Check out our website which explains more. There’s lots of information on how it all works and the things we have been doing so far in this unique community led project.
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