Parents and grandparents go back to school for big Ipswich printmaking project

Parents, grandparents and pupils at Whitton and Whithouse primary schools in NW Ipswich have been learning printing techniques. A two-tonne ‘steam roller’ will be used to create giant wall hangings for two Ipswich schools as part of a community arts project The Bigger Picture Printmaking Project invited parents and grandparents of pupils at Whitton and … Continued

by Tracey Dockery

Streetlife closure

NWI BLT moves from ‘Streetlife’ to ‘My Local Forum’ Social media group ‘Streetlife’ announced on 6th February that it would be closing in 2 weeks which came as a complete shock to residents and groups alike. Streetlife was a successful local social network which provided a free and simple place for residents, community groups & businesses to discuss the local area, … Continued

by Tracey Dockery

Big Local’s new CEO and his first thoughts…

Local Trust is a place-based funder who works with 150 Big Local areas, where people are making their communities even better places to live. NW Ipswich (Whitton, Whitehouse & Castle Hill) is one of those 150! The new Local Trust Chief Executive ‘Matt Leach’ has written on his first thoughts as he has taken on … Continued

by Tracey Dockery

Youth Action!

To give our young people the opportunity to tell us what they want for their age group in the community, we set up a youth group. They named it Diversity 2 Unity (D2U). So far they have asked for: A skatepark. Tick! For years our young people had been asking for their own skatepark. We listened … Continued

by Tracey Dockery

Our beautiful countryside-right on our doorstep

Do you enjoy walking? Do you know that as well as our parks, we have some stunning views right on the doorstep of NW Ipswich? Some area’s as we know are likely to be used for housing at some point but we do have lots that isn’t at risk. Perhaps you have some photos of … Continued

by Tracey Dockery

Looking back on our amazing achievements in year 4 & planning year 5!

On February 4th 2017 we held our annual Away Day when members look back on the successes of the previous year and decide actions for the next. We looked back on the many projects that we have done ourselves, or supported in some way, and at how much impact that work had on the community. … Continued

by Tracey Dockery

Health & Wellbeing

By Residents for Residents: Empowering us to take control of our own health & well-being! NW Ipswich Big Local Trust Health & Wellbeing is a new subgroup of NWI BLT which will be looking at various aspects of general health, including mental health. We will start by researching what is already available to the community e.g. advice & … Continued

by Tracey Dockery

Suspension of grants

We have analysed the grants system that we have used to date with the biannual Grant Award Scheme and the rolling Community Chest Fund and decided the way forwards. Whilst we felt strongly that as important as this way of funding had been important to date, there are other ways to support groups, organisations and the whole … Continued

by Tracey Dockery

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