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NWI BLT will provide over a million pounds worth of funding, which will be available over a period of 10+ years. Local residents are the decision makers on how the lottery funding is used based upon resident consultation.

For Local People by Local People living or working in Whitton, Whitehouse & Castle Hill who want to bring real improvements to the community and to the lives of people living in it.

Local Residents

We're a group of Whitton, Whitehouse and Castle Hill residents supported by a team of advisers.

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Local Investment

We have £1 million to invest in building, supporting and growing the community of North West Ipswich.

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Building Community

NW Ipswich is lacking in activities, training and opportunities. We want to change that.

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New Mayor opens “Friday Friends” Dementia Cafe in Ipswich On Friday 19 May, the new Mayor, Sarah Barber, in her first official capacity as Mayor of Ipswich, officially launched a Dementia friendly cafe at the Whitehouse Baptist Church called “Friday Friends”. The cafe has been set up in partnership between the North West Ipswich Big […]

Paper Planes

If you thought Friday Friends was just about the gorgeous lunches you’d be mistaken. The main activity last week was making and designing your own paper aeroplane and then we had a competition to see whose flew the furthest.  Pete and Albert won causing much laughter and enjoyment for all. The first photo shows all the volunteers and […]

Are you new to our page? Do you know what NWI BLT is actually all about? Simply put, the Big Lottery Fund has provided 150 specially selected areas in the country to have some funding and to be totally responsible for how it is spent. All 150 called Big Local Trust. Ours covers Whitton, Whitehouse […]

Your Health Matters-a guide to wellbeing for children and youth. Wellbeing means more than just being happy, it means feeling able to cope with the challenges life throws at us. If you are unhappy or facing a difficult situation, talk to someone you trust-this could be a parent, friend, teacher or even your GP for […]